A man hanging on top of a wall reaching out to help another person up the wallNew Vision House of Hope is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides services to individuals seeking recovery from the disease of addiction, in need of HIV/AIDS services, suffering from mental health issues, and those that are seeking re-introduction into the community from incarceration.

Our vision is to have residents enter the program, remain clean and sober, and develop a support network. Also, New Vision House of Hope welcomes and offers a supportive environment for individuals with HIV/AIDs. New Vision House of Hope will provide residents with the tools needed to seek and maintain employment, and attend school or some form of vocational training.

It is our hope that through independent living situations and continued use of a 12-step or spiritual program, residents will be successful!

New Vision House of Hope offers a variety of programs and services tailored to our clients’ specific needs. These programs and services include:

We provide our clients with housing, health service assistance, life and job skills training, spiritual education, group and peer counseling, and a therapeutic environment.

We also work with all public and private agencies, charitable organizations, other supportive housing programs, churches, and individuals that support our goals and ambitions.